Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Strike Averted!

Just a quick update: the Port Authority will not impose the new contract on Dec. 1. The old contract will stay for now, a tentative agreement on a secret new contract has been reached, and a work stoppage/strike/lockout/really bad thing has been called off.

But... will the new contract be ratified by the union and board? Does it bring down costs to Onorato's liking?
It is believed that the authority's representatives, Chief Executive Officer Steve Bland and its negotiator, Michael Palombo, of Campbell, Beatty & Durant, regularly updated County Executive Dan Onorato of developments, because Mr. Onorato has insisted that long-term legacy costs be brought under control.

Without that, Mr. Onorato vowed not to release $27.7 million in revenue from county drink and car rental taxes. The authority has said it needs the funding to keep from running out of money by the middle of next month.
Uh oh.

Chris at Null Space has some thoughts worth reading.

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