Sunday, December 9, 2007

The fun decals are gone people!

Arrgh. You know, constantly on the radio this week I've heard callers who constantly mention how Port Authority's ills must be based completely on those fun stickers on the side of the bus that are of the old "Ride Gold" logo or say "Port Authority" all around the bus. (The pictures here are from a neat website called "The Bus Stops Here.")

Anyway, everyone points this out as waste that shows that we shouldn't give one more dime to the Port Authority. Well guess what! They already got rid of them! Yep, they decided that from now on no more individual bus decals or metallic paints or bus stickers that cover windows. It's a really good idea to help make the buses stand out but not look too different, and it makes good fiscal sense. A Semptember 2006 article from the P-G describes these changes also, perhaps they made them before and reemphasized them when the budget crisis of last summer raised questions of fiscal responsibility.

All new buses are painted in simple colors and have "Port Authority" stickers on the bus only so windows can be changed. (Thanks to wyliepoon on flickr for that photo.) Now, there's still old ones out there because replacing them just to make Trib readers happy is even worse fiscal sense. People who assume that the Port Authority wildly repaints every week have never seen one of these still on the road. The agency's name has changed twice since that design.

Note: That last link is a goldmine for old bus schedules from 1997. Ok, I'm too much of a transit geek.

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  1. In most cities, the transit authorities partner get advertisers to foot the bill for bus painting by letting them paint their ads on. Maybe Port Authority should look into something like that.

    The Blurgh